Get High-Quality Internet Leads from Google Today!

Get High-Quality Internet Leads from Google, Today!

psst… this has NOTHING to do with SEO (Search Engine Optimization), or traditional Internet marketing you’ve used before —

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  • Find out how you can use the Internet the right way, make it work for you, and pull in tons of local leads.

If your business still doesn’t show up in the top 5 search results on Google, and you’ve been spending a ton of money for months, or years, call me to learn how you can leapfrog over your competition in 48 hours!

Let me share what you could be doing better to start generating the leads, customers, clients, or patients you deserve…

Allow me to explain how you’ve been missing out and leaving millions of dollars in revenue on the table. Virtually handing it over to your competition. And how you can stop the bleeding.

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The Number One Focus for Copywriting and Marketing Success

I spent the last week at a copywriting and direct response marketing bootcamp in Florida. And out of those five days I got one golden nugget. Just one.

Most people would think that getting one piece of information, one tip, or one idea out of a five day investment is a waste of time and money. I probably would have agreed with them a few years ago. But I’m a changed man.

For the past year I’ve been hyper conscious on keeping laser focus, doing only one thing at a time, 80/20 my life and work, doing what matters most and ignoring everything else. I’m kind of brutal with it.

I don’t even care to clean up the house, when my wife lets me get away with it. Heck if I lived alone, I probably wouldn’t shower or brush my teeth.

If you go down this road, make sure you have a bit of balance.

So what’s the one golden nugget I got out the whole event?

Write everyday.

To the uninitiated this sounds boring and stupid. But to the savvy marketer this is either genius or “duh.”

I’ll admit it, I’m human. And I let this fundamental wealth building tip get away from me. I’ll let you know why at a later date, maybe tomorrow.

The point is, I’ve been writing everyday since I learned (re-learned) this advice. Including today, which is a Sunday. My family is having lunch in the next room, but I just have to keep this promise to myself and write everyday, no excuses, no B.S.

There is no marketing without copywriting.

Email, blog post, case study, report, social media, video script, ads, etc. Marketing is greased with copywriting. Your marketing and business become profitable with strong, killer, emotionally driven copy.

And for a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant like myself, that one piece of advice – write everyday – is easily worth a million dollars for myself and my clients. And worth the whole trip.

Like I mentioned, I’m brutal on keeping my focus where it counts, where I can get the biggest return for my effort.

For me, it’s write everyday.

But for you it probably is not.

You have your own personal points of leverage. That if you just focused your time and attention on that, it would bring you millions of dollars and added joy to your life.

Focus on what you’re good at, and let me focus on your marketing and the copy needed to bring you more leads and sales.

While I go get some lunch, reach out to me and let’s talk.

What I Learned About Hospitality/Hotel Marketing…

My roommate at AWAI’s 2016 Copywriting Bootcamp, Jeremiah Magone, and I have been hashing out his hotel marketing program.

I really like his idea. He’s been working on it for the past year and if I were a hotel owner, I would want him and his marketing process selling all my rooms. It makes a hotel more desirable to guests, and it’s cheaper than using those OTAs (i.e. Expeidia, Booking, etc.).

Those OTA guys charge up to 25% commission. Ouch!

Jeremiah says hotels really sell time. If a room goes a day without being sold, they lose that revenue forever. At 11:59 pm each and every night, like Cinderella, all their vacant rooms expire worthless. That’s a huge lost opportunity cost for hotels.

He’s here to find a tight group of 12 copywriters, train them up, and get them all marketing and promoting boutique hotels around the world.

I have to admit, I’m a bit interested in joining, even if just part-time. It looks like so much fun to market a boutique hotel. Give the little guy a fighting chance against the huge chains like the Hyatts and Sheratons.

He’s really appreciated the time we’ve spent brainstorming, and the back and fourth we’ve had improving his message and appeal. It’s like an intense, free, multi-day marketing consultation. Well, not all free, he’s been buying the beer.

His process includes a hotel marketing technology platform. It enables Jeremiah and his team to apply direct response marketing techniques and accountability to the hotel world.

Something that’s never been done before, and something that can revolutionize the industry.

His main challenge, though, is that the hotel business has been making money hand over fist for the past 5 to 8 years.

As you can guess, hotel owners have gotten lazy. They don’t have to do much work to fill their rooms.

It’s hard to sell a service if there’s not much need or not much perceived need.

But that’s also part of the opportunity according to Jeremiah.

The hotel business has been too good for far too long. And hotel industry reports already show signs of weakness.

On top of that. When the general economy softens, hotel and tourism are the first industries to take a hit.

Jeremiah and his merry band of hotel copywriters could be carving out a strong niche and market position before the storm.

Contact me if you want your hotel or business to make more money for you.

AWAI Copywriting Bootcamp 2016

I landed in Fort Lauderdale, Florida on Tuesday night. I’m here for AWAI’s 2016 Copywriting Bootcamp. This is the third one I’m attending after a two year hiatus.

I wasn’t sure what to expect this year even though I came as a vendor looking to build a shortlist of copywriters I can call on to help with different client projects.

It’s been a great experience so far. The speakers are good and I’ve picked up new tips and gotten reminders of past tips I’ve forgotten or let fall to the wayside. It’s important to get a refresher and recharge your batteries on a regular basis.

It’s also been great talking shop with other working copywriters and marketers. I definitely don’t get to do that when I’m at home. My wife just rolls her eyes when I try to explain what I do.

She doesn’t get marketing or copywriting. In her mind I just sit at the computer, as if I just play video games all day.

Many people at this event are new or new-ish freelance copywriters. I share my pointers with them and give them hope and motivate them to keep at it because it can pay off.

I ran into one woman, Li Vasquez-Noone, who I met at my second Bootcamp many years ago. She was brand new at the time and was skeptical about the whole “make a living as a copywriter thing.” I told her then, “it’s real, but it’s real work, too.”

She’s been a working copywriter ever since and even freelances for AWAI, the host of this Bootcamp. It was nice running into her again and catching up.

Many other copywriters are experienced and I get to learn from their on-the-ground experiences. Their successes, their hacks, and their ideas that completely bombed.

I’m picking up tons of tips, tools, and ideas I plan to use in my own business and with clients to make their businesses more successful.

Do you need more appointments, leads, or sales? Contact me and let’s see what I can do for you.

Proposed Tax Law Would Hurt Advertisers, Copywriters, and Marketers…

Here’s a legislative tax update that could cut your paycheck or eliminate your job in advertising, copywriting, or marketing.

And… if you’re a business that depends on any of these professions to help you promote effectively, this law will definitely affect you.

Tax — The Entrepreneur’s ‘Four’-Letter Word…

… the proposed law aims to make advertising expenses only 50% deductible in a tax year while the balance is amortized over 5 or 10 years.


Today, businesses can deduct 100% of advertising expenses the year it’s spent.

A law like this would slow, cut down the size, and maybe even stop businesses from investing in promotion (thereby cutting sales and economic growth overall).

It would also add another expensive and useless layer of paperwork that only keeps the IRS busy running around shuffling more papers (additional amortizing records).

One study even said it would put at least 1.7 million jobs at risk.

Everyone loses on this one — businesses that need to promote so they can grow and generate more sales and revenue… that is then used to pay employees. And the companies that help businesses promote and grow like advertising companies, marketing firms, copywriters, seo/smm experts, mailing houses, list brokers, print shops, graphic designers, etc.

This is something to keep our eyes on, and perhaps, kill the monster while it’s still a baby.

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bizXpress Review: The WordPress Plugin for SEO and Business Building Success —

If you own a WordPress blog or site, here’s why you ‘should’ and ‘should not’ try this plugin…

The new bizXpress plugin, by Sitesell (the makers of SBI!), has a lot to offer WordPress owners.

bizXpress home page

It works for newbies and advanced users alike, however, I believe the big winners are those who:

  • Haven’t yet found meaningful success on the Internet;
  • Looking for a strategic edge over their competition;
  • New to the online business world, or;
  • Don’t have — and don’t know how to create — a sound strategy for reaching realistic Internet business goals.

I’ll start the review by listing a couple of reasons you should NOT consider this plugin. This will save you time because if you fall into this group, simply move on; nothing to see here.

However, if the two reasons don’t apply to you, continue with the rest of the review and get their free trial version. Let’s start…

Who is bizXpress (bXp) NOT For?

The Hobbyist: After researching comments and reviews I discovered a pattern. The people who don’t like this new WordPress plugin are typically those who own a site or blog but treat it as a hobby, not as a business.

Their main concern is that the Pro version is a premium WordPress plugin that sells for $149 (USD) per year. However, you can use it on unlimited number of WordPress sites, and you can get started with their free trial version.

Hobbyists don’t tend to make a distinction between price and value. In this review you’ll discover how bizXpress Pro delivers tremendous value, and is actually a bargain…

The Get Rich Quick Junkie: Another concern worth mentioning is that bXp is not a get rich quick plugin. It’s not something you install, then press a button, and sit back while millions of visitors come to your site and make you rich. bizXpress is not for those who enjoy gambling on the newest magic pill. Their ain’t no such thing.

Instead, bXp is a powerful tool that gives serious business owners a strategic edge. You will have to do some work to reach your goals. But that’s okay because bizXpress allows you to work smart and efficiently. I’ll explain more in a moment…

Who is bizXpress (bXp) For?

If you’re still reading, it’s safe to say you are committed to your business plans. You are not a hobbyist tinkering on the Internet and you are prepared to earn your success.

Why else might you want to try out bizXpress?

  • You want the best possible chance to make it online;
  • You want more targeted traffic to reach your site;
  • Your online business depends on the WordPress platform;
  • You want a structured method to monetize traffic (free and organic traffic);
  • You struggle and are frustrated with WordPress or your online business;
  • You’re new to Internet entrepreneurism and want to minimize mistakes starting out;
  • You’re an experienced online business professional and keep your eyes open to new tools that give you an edge over your competition;
  • You’ve heard of SiteSell and SBI and are aware of their incredible results, and want to bring some of that to your WordPress-based businesses;
  • You don’t want to lose time working on the wrong kinds of trial and error. Instead, you want some guidance focusing your time and energy on the right areas of your online business;
  • You want a big payoff for your effort because you’re a solo entrepreneur, possibly starting on the side… you can’t afford to waste time.

You’re in luck! bizXpress’ parent company, SiteSell, has a 17-year track record helping online entrepreneurs reach the goals above and build high traffic websites (top 0.5% – 3% based on Alexa rankings).

Sitesell has been featured in NBC News, BBC, Oprah, The New York Times, and many others.

Their system, known as the C-T-P-M Process, is taught at universities and colleges around the world including the University of Arizona, Penn State, Dawson College, and others.

Until recently, you could only get hold of their expertise and proprietary tools through their online business building platform called SBI.

But now, it’s exciting that this plugin brings a number of their core features to WordPress users.

I personally use their SBI platform for three online businesses and will share my personal experiences with their core tools as it relates to the bizXpress plugin in the rest of this review.

Take bizXpress for a spin with its free trial version


Professional-grade Keyword Research Tool

Helps You Beat Your Competition in the Search Engines and Pull in Free, Organic Traffic —

Let’s look at some of the core business building tools found in the bizXpress plugin.

The first one is the professional-grade keyword research tool called BrainStormIt! This alone is worth the yearly investment in bizXpress. Here’s why…

Not all keywords are equal. For instance, some keyword/phrases are great for generating traffic but not sales; others for bringing in highly converting sales, but not a lot of traffic. bizXpress clears away the fog and helps you see the difference between all your potential keywords and prioritize them.

Of course, you can find free or low-cost keyword research services, but they do not provide this kind of in depth strategic data. Namely, the supply and demand of the keyword and keyword phrases. Nor the worth or value for individual words.

If you depend on free or low-cost keyword research services, you’re handicapping yourself because you have no idea which words to focus on first and which ones to put off until last.

That’s a big disadvantage for a solo entrepreneur in a competitive online market.

On the other hand, bizXpress enables you to:

  • Group similar keywords to better organize your content building plans for both humans and search engines;
  • Weigh keywords against each other, which allows you to prioritize your time and content marketing plans;
  • Gain clarity for your online marketing ideas;
  • Avoid many false starts;
  • Structure your limited resources around realistic and prudent keyword marketing strategies;
  • Easily research your competition and develop tactics to beat them in the search engines;
  • And much more…

This professional-grade keyword research tool is continually upgraded, and keeps you steps ahead of the competition.

Free and low cost tools can’t come close to delivering what you need to be successful online.

And if you try a paid service with similar functions, you’ll easily pay 5 to 10 times as much just for keyword research alone… and you’d still come up short. Why?

Because bizXpress includes additional core business building tools that help you expand your business and reach your goals.

The best way to get a feel for their keyword research tool is to use it

Now, let’s take a look at the…


10-Day Step-by-Step Action Guide

The Turnkey Process to Building a Successful Online Business…

Often, new online businesses (and even experienced online entrepreneurs) do business by the seat of their pants. One reason is that you can launch a web-based business for next to nothing.


But this is why most online entrepreneurs fail.

They get an idea, immediately launch a website, and think they’re in business. But then they get ‘zero’ traffic.

The result is they lost a lot of time and energy on an idea that was doomed to fail because they didn’t have the right information or the right map to follow.

(** In reality, online businesses aren’t free or cheap. They can, and often do, incur many expenses that add up quickly, thereby costing the entrepreneur time, energy, and money.)

The Action Guide trains you to turn Internet marketing theory into strategic action steps.

It provides a proven framework that enables you to:

  • Intelligently research your idea in depth;
  • Create a business plan, market position, and strategy to carve out a winnable niche with your idea;
  • Successfully launch the business online and;
  • Gain traction to maintain steady traffic and monetization growth.

The 10-Day Action Guide (each “day” will take longer than 24-hours to complete) is designed to meet your learning style.

The step-by-step instructions are delivered in written form, video, audio, and even mobile formats.

If you’re a creative person who doesn’t like to follow steps, no problem. You’re in charge of your business at all times.

You can deviate from the Action Guide if you wish… and it even tells you when, how, and why you’d want to do so.

But if you’re new to online marketing or haven’t had much success —  follow the guide.

Here’s a taste of what’s in store:

  • Together with BrainStormIt!, the professional-grade keyword research tool, one of the first assignments in the Action Guide is to choose a narrow and profitable niche that’s winnable in the search engines… and geared to your available time!Are you launching your business full-time? or starting part-time? The Action Guide shows you how to develop a realistic business plan that fits your unique needs, goals, and time.
  • By Day 3 you’ll know how much demand, supply, and competition your idea has, different angles you can take to carve out and then dominate your niche, and have a complete blueprint for your website’s content structure (which keywords to turn into pages/posts first, second, third… last, and why).
  • By Day 4 you’ll ‘test’ a rough outline to monetize your business. You’ll determine how profitable your business could become based on scientific keyword research (bizXpress does most of the math calculations).
  • By Day 5 you’ll know the ins and outs to creating a great domain name for your new online business, check if it’s available, lock in that name, and launch your site. And there’s more…

Days 6 – 10 quickly build on the momentum and takes you deeper into your business. For instance…

  • When and how to introduce social media marketing and mobile marketing to your business. And what are the easy ways to do it when you don’t have a lot of time;
  • How to write for non-writers;
  • How many pages and how much stable traffic you should have before setting up ads on your site, and why;
  • How to expand the reach of your site and connect with your readers so they’re comfortable buying through you;
  • How to sell online if you’re shy and uncomfortable selling;
  • When and why you should you use email marketing, and how to do it the easy and fast way, if you don’t have time to start out as a full-time ezine publisher;
  • And much, much more…

One of the things I personally like about the 10-Day Action Guide is that it’s hands-on, not theory. And it’s a turnkey process.

I’ve followed it to build three web businesses.

One of them is a top site in its niche, another is in a very competitive market and steadily gaining traffic among many well-financed competitors. And I’ve recently launched a third site and quickly building it up… rinse and repeat.

Plus, the guide is continually updated so you’ll refer back to it often; even when you’re an experienced web guru.

Learn more about bizXpress here


Vetted and Tested WordPress Plugin Recommendations:

Save Time and Avoid Frustration…

One of the challenges faced by WordPress users is making sense of the huge and often confusing technical ecosystem of plugins.

A related problem is trouble-shooting and dealing with compatibility issues for all of these plugins.

If you use of a number of plugins on your site, you spend more time upgrading and updating the plugins to make sure they don’t hamper your visitor’s experience or slow down your business.

All this technical management eats up your valuable time. And if you hire programmers, it gets expensive.

With bizXpress, experts sift through all the muck for you.

They test and vet numerous plugins on an ongoing basis and give you tested recommendations.

You avoid wasting hours on trial and error and needless frustration. Your time and brain-matter is freed up to invest where it counts – on growth, targeted traffic, and generating more profits.

Let’s take a peek at some topics:

  • How to choose a suitable hosting company for your WordPress site. There are cheap hosts and managed WordPress hosts, what’s the difference besides cost, and which one makes the most sense for your needs?
  • What’s the difference between WordPress Themes and Frameworks. Which one is best for your business, what are the drawbacks for each one, and where do you find the best options?
  • How to protect your WordPress site and business. When a WordPress site crashes, it’s possible to lose all your content! And unfortunately, WordPress sites are often targets for viruses, malware, and other security concerns. bizXpress reviews a number of security plugins and recommends ones to protect your investment.
  • And much more…

Like other core areas of BizXpress, this feature is updated and expanded often to keep you on top of new developments.

Try bizXpress Pro risk free


Business-Building Resource Articles and Tutorials at Your Fingertips…

You’ll enjoy their resource recommendations, articles, and tutorial libraries. It curates and puts all the “proven best practices” of internet marketing in one place. Plus, it shows you how to personalize the information, and develop coherent strategies to grow your unique business.

The three extensive libraries include:

  • Tips and Techniques HQ;
  • Resources HQ, and;
  • Monetization HQ.

You can probably find a lot of this kind of Internet marketing information online for free…

[note: SBI/bizXpress produces a lot of research, studies, and training material that is proprietary and only available to bizXpress/SBI subscribers.]

… But if you’ve worked on the web for any length of time, you know there’s a lot of noise and distraction out there.

Most Internet business information found online is mostly unorganized tactics. A lot of it is contradictory, rehashed, watered down, or simply out of date.

When I need a solution and hands-on instructions to fix a business challenge, I want it fixed now.

As a busy entrepreneur you don’t have time to waste swimming through Internet searches.

These bizXpress libraries pull all the Internet marketing pieces together into a useful and hands-on core resource; no fluff.

It would take you years and thousands of dollars to compile and organize libraries like these on your own.

Test out bizXpress Lite, the free trial version

What are some of the practical topics you’ll find?

The libraries cover a lot of ground and train you on how to do what you want done. It’s not just talk.

Take the Monetization HQ as an example: this library currently holds 19 separate categories with over 137 specific monetization topics (and growing). These are actionable and in-depth how-tos for making money with your website such as…

  • The pros and cons of starting a membership site, and how to go about doing it;
  • How to sell online for those who do not like to sell;
  • Why you should, and how to, develop your own products to sell on your site;
  • How to create “How-To” DVDs for profit;
  • Selling Adsense and advertising, and step-by-step instructions to maximize the revenue on your site;
  • Alternatives to Google Adsense and details for each one;
  • Email marketing – turn your ezine into money, how to track ezine ads, list building, and more;
  • How to source products to sell on Ebay;
  • Affiliate marketing for beginners and pros;
  • How to turn web traffic into customers for your local brick and mortar business;
  • How to expand a small local business across the globe online;
  • The ins and outs to recruiting affiliates and resellers for your products;
  • E-commerce solutions – payment solutions, shopping carts, automation, prefab stores, and more;
  • How to use your WordPress site to expand a Network Marketing/MLM business by automating prospecting, recruiting, and even training;
  • How to sell a successful online business when you’re ready to retire to the beach;
  • And much, much more!

This is just a taste of what you’ll find in the Monetization HQ library. Over 137 hands-on topics to generate revenue from your site. But there’s more…

  • You’ll profit from the same level of in-depth, practical, rubber-meets-the-road intelligence found in the additional two libraries.
  • The Resources HQ contains over 63 resources that could help build your business bigger. The Tips and Techniques HQ is a knowledge base that currently contains more than 337 hands-on, business building guides. For instance…
  •  An entire series on time management for online business entrepreneurs;
  • How to fix poor performing pages and correct algorithm penalties like Panda, Penguin, etc.;
  • How to find new ideas for content once your site is mature;
  • How to connect with the movers and shakers in your industry and create strategic alliances;
  • Video tutorials on managing your WordPress site;
  • A full tutorial on how to write, for non-writers;
  • Guides on using images, photos, and infographics on your site, how to create them cheaply, and where to find them;
  • Using video on your site, producing videos, marketing and monetizing videos, and using video to drive more targeted traffic to your site;
  • How to outsource and find help building and managing your quickly growing online empire;
  • What to know to build a non-English, multilingual site;
  • An entire section on social media broken down by platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and other social platforms;
  • An entire series on the mobile web and how to capitalize on it.

To fully appreciate all that’s at your fingertips, you have to experience it yourself.

It would take years and thousands of dollars to try and compile a personal library like this on your own.

Plus, you’ll be hard pressed finding a complete, organized, continually updated, and step-by-step resource just like this anywhere else… And it’s part of bizXpress for no additional cost.

Owning BizXpress allows you to have easy access whenever you want.


Three Levels of Guidance: 24/7 Customer Support, SiteSell Professionals, and Success-Focused Forums

You never need to feel alone building your Internet business. With BizXpress you automatically belong to a wider community of successful and helpful online entrepreneurs.

At any point, when you think you need a hand, or seek advice, or want professional guidance, it’s easy to get.

1) 24/7 Customer Support: If you run into technical trouble with the BizXpress plugin, reach out to their professional customer support team for a quick response.

2) SiteSell Professionals: You can hire in-house professionals to help you one-one-one on any area of your business. They have ready made packages for common requests like setting up a Facebook Page, or they will custom tailor a solution depending on your needs.

They can do everything from coaching you on a specific area of your online business, creating a new header image, and even build a site for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.

3) Success-focused Forums: These moderated forums are for members-only. The forum is organized into over 89 subject areas that help you go into the finer details of researching, setting up, launching, growing, managing, and selling your online business. It also includes areas for technical discussions on plugins, troubleshooting, coding, and more.

The forum members are all Internet entrepreneurs and accept the ‘help and be helped‘ culture shared in the bizXpress/SBI/SiteSell forums.

In other words, everyone is professional, civil, polite, and helpful. Heated discussions sometimes come up, but it’s rare to find rude people who just waste everyone’s time and don’t add to a topic.

What I like, compared to other forums, is that the threads stay on topic (since they’re moderated). New topics are moved and linked to new discussion areas.

This keeps discussions focused on doing business. (For the more social business owners, or when you just want to take a break, there’s even an area just to chat and say ‘hi’).

If you’re a WordPress owner or know you will be using it to start a new online business, I highly recommend giving bizXpress a try.

If you have additional questions about this new plugin, you should contact the people behind bizXpress and ask them directly. You may also contact me if you think that will help.

Otherwise, take the free ‘Lite’ version for a test drive

Or, grab the Pro version and really kick the tires. It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so you have zero risk.