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Boutique Hotel Marketing For The Coming Recession…

This is a project I’m working on with my friend Jeremiah Magone, the Hospitality Copywriter. If you own or run a boutique hotel, you should watch the video below.

The Summary Behind MoreDirectBookings,com:
The economy and hospitality market has been great for years. A lot of your competitors have gotten fat and lazy and forgotten how to sell. When the next recession rolls around (and it may be sooner than you think) they’re all going to get wiped out.

But if you prepare now…
1) You can free yourself from OTA-addiction.
2) Position yourself to clean up while your competitors are laying on their backs dazed and confused.

Jeremiah has a number of other insightful videos for hoteliers, this is his newest one.

Watch and if you have questions contact me.

Let’s discuss what we can do for you.


Do Not “Get Things Done.” Do This Instead.

Don’t you just hate people who are always busy and “getting things done?”

Those multi-taskers who wear their smartphones like a badge of honor. They reply to an email, schedule a video conference, and leave a comment on Facebook all at the same time.

What’s worse, the people who applaud them and encourage them to fit more work into the same hour.

So these high achievers work late, start early, weekends, and even on “vacation.” When you have a laptop or a smartphone, why not?

To be clear, I don’t hate these people because they work hard or because they complete so many tasks per day.

I hate them because I used to be one of them, and I learned late in life that “getting things done” is a half truth, a half lie.

The often repeated saying, “money is the root of all evil” makes you want to hate money.

But then you learn the true quote: “The love of money is the root of all evil.” And this puts money into a healthy perspective.

Likewise, “Get things done” is actually nonsense.

The real saying should be, “Get the right things done, well.”

And that puts everything into a healthy perspective, too.

Unfortunately, I woke up to this truth late in the game:

  • You can only do one thing at a time.
  • Multi-tasking makes you less efficient because your spread your attention and energy thin.
  • If you often work late, start early, on weekends, and on vacation; then you don’t work well, nor rest well.
  • Rest is just as, or more, important than working hard and getting a lot done. It’s a law of nature. Don’t fight it. Batteries need recharging, plants go dormant in the winter, axes need sharpening.
  • All tasks are not equal. Who cares if you can check off 53 things in one day. Look close and you’ll see that only one or two of them mattered at all, if that. You’re just running in place.
  • Running around getting any kind of things done, is just an excuse for not being in control of your life and time. Not knowing how to manage your priorities. Instead, you must define the difference between what matters and what does not. And you must take care of yourself so you can perform at the top of your game.

Am I saying to be lazy, sit around all day in front of the TV, wake up late? No.

I’m saying, get the RIGHT things done, WELL.

Make the time to define what matters, what’s important, and where you get the most leverage.

One of the best ways to leverage yourself is to delegate.

For instance, marketing your business is important to your long term success.

But if you’re not skilled at marketing, or your talents are better used somewhere else, you should delegate your marketing.

Likewise, with extra marketing support you can take your business farther in less time.

If this is the case, contact me to run your marketing for you. This way both of us focus our time and talent getting the right things done, well. Let’s talk.

Many Marketing “Pros” Are *Clueless* About the Fundamentals. And That’s an Advantage to You.

I couldn’t believe it. A marketing friend, O, and I were talking shop recently and he was telling me how much he hated Internet marketing guru Neil Patel.

I know Neil’s name, but I don’t know anything else about him. There are thousands of “gurus” out there. I’ve vetted a number of them. Some are great. Most are just rehashing what’s already out there.

So I told my buddy that I believe every serious marketer should start with the fundamentals our ‘Founding Fathers’ of direct response marketing discovered. People like John Caples, Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, David Ogilvy, Gary Halbert, and Eugene Schwartz.

All of the sudden O blurts out, “they don’t have anything to teach me, they haven’t been around for decades.”


O totally misses the point. And you may feel the same way. But you’d be wrong, too.

If you want to keep your sales and business strong, or you’re looking to hire a copywriter, marketer, or agency to keep your sales strong for you, or if you want to run circles around your competition, pay attention.

Marketing principles and fundamentals don’t change because people don’t change.

And the direct response marketing principles that were discovered and tested over a hundred years ago are still sound in today’s Internet age.

For example, Claude Hopkin’s book, Scientific Advertising, was published in 1923. But the principles behind testing marketing techniques and ads holds up in today’s world.

In many ways, today’s Internet and digital marketers are just ripping them off, but don’t know it. They’re just reusing things that worked over a hundred years ago and executing them with new tools.

What makes the ‘Founding Fathers’ admirable is they made big bucks with direct response marketing when everything was ‘analog’ and depended on ‘manual labor.’

You should be struck with awe when thinking about what they accomplished without a computer, smart phone, apps, email, or the Internet. Go back far enough; without widespread TV, radio, or phone.

Let me share some examples.

Have you heard about the Internet marketing tactic that uses a free offer to generate a lead and then converts that lead into a sale? It’s used all the time and it works as well today as it did in 2010 or 2008.

Yet, this ‘modern’ technique probably got its start before the 1920s.

In Scientific Advertising, Chapter 3: Offer Service, Hopkins tells a story about a brush maker who employed 2,000 canvassers to sell brushes door-to-door.

Instead of knocking on doors and jumping into a hard sales pitch, the company tested a softer offer.

‘I’m here to give you a free brush. You can choose any sample you want.’ Many housewives took the free offer, and from those, many also decided to buy an additional brush.

It worked gangbusters then, and it still works like crazy today.

Of course the tactic looks a bit different: generate traffic from paid media, social media, or SEO. Send the traffic to a landing page to gave away a free sample, and then up-sell or down-sell them into a purchase.

Another example.

Testing ads, email subject lines, offers, landing pages etc. is an important part of sound Internet marketing. But this is nothing new. It was successfully being used in the late 1800s and early 1900s. A hundred years before Optimizely, Google, Unbounce, or Leadpages.

The Founding Fathers tested display ads and direct mail to see which ones performed better, which ones were more profitable.

Today, reducing ‘friction’ is a big deal in Internet and digital marketing. That is, how do you make it quick and easy for the buyer to buy your product or service? How do you remove obstacles that keep her from buying?

Slow page loading speed, using one click Paypal vs. filling out your complete billing and shipping details, a confusing order form, a break in design and message continuity, a lack of confidence badges (i.e. order is secure and encrypted, BBB approved); do any one of these steps wrong and your buyer quickly bounces away and does not complete the purchase.

This situation is called ‘Cart Abandons’ and it happens up to 80% of the time. Hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars are lost here each and every year because buyers run into some kind of friction and decide not to buy.

But the Founding Fathers were already developing ways to fix problems like these a century ago. And they were masters at it and we have a lot to learn from them.

Think about the friction they faced back then.

If you wanted to buy a product you saw in an ad or in the mail, you would have to:

  • Find a pen or pencil (and sharpen the pencil)
  • Complete the order form by hand
  • Find a pair of scissors in your junk drawer
  • Cut out the order form or coupon
  • Find an envelope
  • Write the mailing address and return mailing address by hand
  • Find a stamp
  • Find your checkbook and write a check
  • Lick the stamp and the envelope
  • Then, walk to a mailbox to send your order


And if you had a question there was no chat or email. Go back far enough, there wasn’t even a phone (or you’d pay obscene long distance fees for the pleasure).

It’s amazing sales were made at all (I think I would have given up at find a pencil). Yet fortunes were built because they tested their ads and copy and discovered ways to reduce friction and rake in the sales.

So when my buddy O says, “they don’t have anything to teach me, they haven’t been around for decades.” He is being completely dumb. What’s scary is that there are droves of “gurus” who feel the same way he does. I wouldn’t do business with them.

Any reasonable entrepreneur knows there’s a ton to learn from the Founding Fathers who became successful doing it all analog and by hand.

Do this:

Study up on the Direct Response Marketing Founding Fathers. Here’s a short list:

John Caples, Tested Advertising Methods
Claude Hopkins, Scientific Advertising
Robert Collier, The Robert Collier Letter Book
David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising
Gary Halbert, The Boron Letters
Eugene Schwartz, Breakthrough Advertising

If you don’t have the time or the patience to do the homework and rather make money now, contact me.

I’ll apply all their wisdom to your business and use the appropriate tools (digital or otherwise) to get the job done. You can just sit back and rub your body with all the cash that gets dumped on your lap.

Are You Getting Infected by Marketing Technology ADD?

About a year ago I took a quick left turn in my direct response marketing practice and accepted a position in a fast growing digital marketing agency at the center of Silicon Beach.

The pay was horrible, the hours were ugly, and the commute was terrible. In a sense, this was a step back, but worth it because it allowed me to take a step forward as well.

During my time there I worked on 30 client projects. Overkill, but that’s the agency business.

One of the things I picked up is that digital marketing agencies focus a ton of time on tools.

It makes sense because when you’re managing 8, 10, or 30 clients at the same time, you need tools to keep everything together and orderly. Also, digital marketing and internet marketing require some tools to get the work done.

But I felt the focus on tools was a bit of a disservice to the agency and to the clients. I believe to be a great and effective marketer you need to develop and perfect the fundamental skills.

What skills are those?

  • Finding your customer’s hot buttons and pushing them effectively
  • Communicating clearly
  • Communicating persuasively
  • Quickly finding the right customers
  • Selling
  • Negotiating
  • Understanding and respecting human behavior
  • Improving empathy

Why do I believe this?

Because humans don’t change.

I read an article once where they uncovered a female Egyptian mummy. When they opened her coffin and took a look inside, they found her perfume and makeup had been buried with her.

The better you know people, the better you know how to persuade and motivate them, and the more money you will make.

Unlike people, digital tools change all the time.

Disruption is the name of the game. It’s all about selling bells and whistles and chasing the next shiny object.

Your favorite digital tools get minor and major upgrades almost weekly. While new competitors come to market and try to push out the ‘legacy’ brands.

We spent a ton of time learning and relearning and doing demos of dozens of tools that promised to make our job easier. But we spent no time improving our understanding of people and what motivates them.

I hated this because I firmly believe people are the ones who give you money. Not bots, not spiders, not algorithms, not VR goggles, not AI machines. People.

But this is where my step forward comes in.

If you already have a strong grasp on fundamental marketing and copywriting principles and take the time to improve this knowledge everyday, then getting the right tools into your hands can get you ahead much faster.

It’s like giving a master carpenter a better saw, you’ll get a better result.

I evaluated dozens of tools for marketing automation, email marketing, media buying, seo, analytics, machine learning, etc.

And I got real world, hands-on experience working with dozens of platforms for clients.

I personally managed 11 different email marketing programs, 5 marketing automation platforms, 2 e-commerce platforms, 3 website builders, 4 landing page tools, and more.

But rather than get hypnotized by the next shiny object syndrome, I learned to quickly evaluate if a tool would really make life easier, and make my clients more money, or not.

Would the tool really help me touch my client’s customers emotionally and intellectually so they made a purchase?

If you’re marketing your own business and feel like you’re drowning in marketing techno-babble and getting internet marketing ADD, contact me and I’ll fish you out of the mess.

The Number One Focus for Copywriting and Marketing Success

I spent the last week at a copywriting and direct response marketing bootcamp in Florida. And out of those five days I got one golden nugget. Just one.

Most people would think that getting one piece of information, one tip, or one idea out of a five day investment is a waste of time and money. I probably would have agreed with them a few years ago. But I’m a changed man.

For the past year I’ve been hyper conscious on keeping laser focus, doing only one thing at a time, 80/20 my life and work, doing what matters most and ignoring everything else. I’m kind of brutal with it.

I don’t even care to clean up the house, when my wife lets me get away with it. Heck if I lived alone, I probably wouldn’t shower or brush my teeth.

If you go down this road, make sure you have a bit of balance.

So what’s the one golden nugget I got out the whole event?

Write everyday.

To the uninitiated this sounds boring and stupid. But to the savvy marketer this is either genius or “duh.”

I’ll admit it, I’m human. And I let this fundamental wealth building tip get away from me. I’ll let you know why at a later date, maybe tomorrow.

The point is, I’ve been writing everyday since I learned (re-learned) this advice. Including today, which is a Sunday. My family is having lunch in the next room, but I just have to keep this promise to myself and write everyday, no excuses, no B.S.

There is no marketing without copywriting.

Email, blog post, case study, report, social media, video script, ads, etc. Marketing is greased with copywriting. Your marketing and business become profitable with strong, killer, emotionally driven copy.

And for a direct response copywriter and marketing consultant like myself, that one piece of advice – write everyday – is easily worth a million dollars for myself and my clients. And worth the whole trip.

Like I mentioned, I’m brutal on keeping my focus where it counts, where I can get the biggest return for my effort.

For me, it’s write everyday.

But for you it probably is not.

You have your own personal points of leverage. That if you just focused your time and attention on that, it would bring you millions of dollars and added joy to your life.

Focus on what you’re good at, and let me focus on your marketing and the copy needed to bring you more leads and sales.

While I go get some lunch, reach out to me and let’s talk.

What I Learned About Hospitality/Hotel Marketing…

My roommate at AWAI’s 2016 Copywriting Bootcamp, Jeremiah Magone, and I have been hashing out his hotel marketing program.

I really like his idea. He’s been working on it for the past year and if I were a hotel owner, I would want him and his marketing process selling all my rooms. It makes a hotel more desirable to guests, and it’s cheaper than using those OTAs (i.e. Expeidia, Booking, etc.).

Those OTA guys charge up to 25% commission. Ouch!

Jeremiah says hotels really sell time. If a room goes a day without being sold, they lose that revenue forever. At 11:59 pm each and every night, like Cinderella, all their vacant rooms expire worthless. That’s a huge lost opportunity cost for hotels.

He’s here to find a tight group of 12 copywriters, train them up, and get them all marketing and promoting boutique hotels around the world.

I have to admit, I’m a bit interested in joining, even if just part-time. It looks like so much fun to market a boutique hotel. Give the little guy a fighting chance against the huge chains like the Hyatts and Sheratons.

He’s really appreciated the time we’ve spent brainstorming, and the back and fourth we’ve had improving his message and appeal. It’s like an intense, free, multi-day marketing consultation. Well, not all free, he’s been buying the beer.

His process includes a hotel marketing technology platform. It enables Jeremiah and his team to apply direct response marketing techniques and accountability to the hotel world.

Something that’s never been done before, and something that can revolutionize the industry.

His main challenge, though, is that the hotel business has been making money hand over fist for the past 5 to 8 years.

As you can guess, hotel owners have gotten lazy. They don’t have to do much work to fill their rooms.

It’s hard to sell a service if there’s not much need or not much perceived need.

But that’s also part of the opportunity according to Jeremiah.

The hotel business has been too good for far too long. And hotel industry reports already show signs of weakness.

On top of that. When the general economy softens, hotel and tourism are the first industries to take a hit.

Jeremiah and his merry band of hotel copywriters could be carving out a strong niche and market position before the storm.

Contact me if you want your hotel or business to make more money for you.